Monday, February 19, 2018

Kind of Essay...

              Beauty Behind Disaster
Natural disasters; how horrible it is to listen the word, chills enter into bones. Picture infront of eyes and in mind comes; loss of lives, loss of natural as well as other properties. A picture of crisis roams when we hear the word natural disaster. On the surface, you will find these things but when you go deep down, you will see another part of a story; a positive side of natural disasters.

We can look back to recent massive earthquake of 2015A.D (2072B.S),it's horrible past I know. However, that incident brought people closer, unified them, inspire them to help one another  in crisis. Overall, it taught us that we are same, we are human. We got lesson that we should face those crisis with smile together. We all were forced to think how to reduce the consequences if these disasters happened again, weren't we? 

It sounds unfamiliar but still natural disasters can be source for developing skills and innovation. For example, something you made collapsed during disasters, then, you'll think in many ways, try many many methods so that something you made will also be protected during these disasters.

You lose many irreplaceable things, life become harder but this is how you grow, this is how you start maturing. Extending helping hand, that comforting smile in pain, that warm hug in time you feel alone that stress reducing talk, that moment you feel we are just human, other tags are just nothing. These are beauty in tragedy.

Disasters are unavoidable. However, past lessons can be helpful to reduce negative consequences in future. Hence, we shot think like it happened and we have to accept it and move on. We should not get stuck just in tragedy but should step up and see those beauty in tragedy. 

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