Saturday, November 19, 2016

Destination Including Journey

Destination is the ultimate purpose for which something is created or destined. That means destination is our ultimate goal. And we cannot reach to our destination without taking some
journey. Journey means doing things to get the destination.

Many people believe that you will reach to that destination which is designed for you. Sometimes,
the destination you're willing to reach, matches with the destination written in your fate but sometimes, destiny plays its part. Though you are not willling to reach that destination, the  fate
will  make you reach that destination. These are just beliefs.

Let's come down to the earth. It's true that every people are eager and in hurry to reach the destination but another true thing is that destination is the end. Let's take example of a tourist, a tourist starts a journey and reach destination, as a result there is the end of something, there is the end of something, there is the end of journey.

The end of journey is the destination but still we feel glad when we reach to the destination, the ending. We feel some kind of happiness when we reach to the destination but the best part is the journey.

Let's take a look at life and death. Life is the journey and death is destination. We get everything in a life, the journey can offer. We get problems but also the solutions, we face hard times but still get to enjoy the life. We learn things, understand the things, find the purpose of life, know meaning of things and at last we reach to that point which is known as death, the ultimate destination, though you never want to reach, the end.

Therefore, when we compare journey and destination, then, the journey is beautiful and the best but the bitter thing is:"We take journey, to reach the destination."

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